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Blue Quill

Blue Winged Olive Dun

Eastern Green Drake

Grey Fox



Light Cahill

March Brown

Pale Evening Dun

Pale Morning Dun

Quill Gordon

Sulphur Dun

Tiny Blue Winged Olive


Western Green Drake

Grey Fox

Stenonema fuscum, S. rubrum

Mid-May — Early-July
Grey Fox Nymph


Grey Fox Soft Hackle Sparkle Emerger

Soft Hackle
Sparkle Emerger™

Grey Fox Magic Bubble Loopwing Emerger

Magic Bubble™
Loopwing Emerger

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Grey Fox Leaning Parachute Dry

Parachute Dry™

Grey Fox High-Riding Dry

High-Riding Dry

Grey Fox Spinner


Also called: Stenonema, Sand Drake, Ginger Quill (spinner)

Available in SIZES 12 & 14

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